Virtual IT Manager

With the pace of IT changing so quickly and a new virus always around the corner, managing your computer systems can be a challenge. Virtual IT Manger ensures you have an experienced IT Manager looking after your system for a small monthly fee. Your not wasting a valuable resource and it’s a lot less stress and hassle.

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About Us

IT Direct has been in the business of making IT easier for almost 20 years. We have worked with charities, pharmacy chains, retailers, lawyers, nursing homes and marketing companies. In fact we have worked across all sorts of industries with many different businesses.

With the experience of having worked as IT Managers ourselves our team has a first hand understanding of the stresses and strains and needs that you have. Our clients can trust us with this crucial part of their business because they know we have faced similar challenges and experiences to what they, themselves face.

Technology never stands still, but we know how difficult it is to stay abreast of what is happening. But technology is our business, so you can rely on us to provide you with the sort of advice that will keep your business moving forward. We proactively work on behalf of our clients to ensure they have the knowledge they need.

As a one-stop solution providing IT support, hardware and software our clients can get everything they need when they need it. If you need advice then give us a call or drop us an email. Or if it's new hardware or software that you need, drop into the shop at 36 Parliament Street, Dublin 2 or click here to see what's available.